Tiles Repairs


Are you tiles damaged?

Don’t worry if you cracked, chipped, scratched, stained or damaged a tile. We repair damaged on porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, natural stone tiles and artificial tiles.


Even if replacement tiles aren’t available, our technicians can spot repair individual tiles.

We’ll assess the damage then fill the area, colour and texture matching to the rest of the surround area.

Types of damaged tile repairs

  • Chipped tile repair

  • Scratched tile repair

  • Damaged tile edge repair

  • Cracked tile repairs

  • Repair Tile Grout missing or damages

  • Drill hole tile repair

  • Shiny & Dull Spots tile repair

We provide tile repairs in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.

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