Laminate Benchtop Repairs


Have you got damage on your laminate benchtop?

Our Laminate Benchtop repairs include

  • Repair Laminate benchtops Chipped edges

  • Repair Laminate benchtops Burn Marks 

  • Repair Laminate benchtops Scratches

  • Repair Laminate benchtops Jointing section splitting 

Wondering how we repair only the damaged area?

With damaged Laminate Benchtops we are able to repair the damaged area without costing you money in replacements.

Using the system from Konig Australia, we use Hardwax PLUS fillers to colour match the base, special touch up paints to blend the repair into its surroundings and finally seal the repair with lacquer for protection and sheen match.  

We are the trusted name when it comes to laminate benchtop repairs in Australia with contractors in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.

laminate benchtops.jpeg


Please provide minimum 1 photo approximately 1.5m away from the damage


Please provide minimum 1 photo of the kitchen layout, 1 photo of the sink and cooktop 1m away.