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Corian Benchtop Restoration


Want you Corian Benchtop restored?

If you’ve damaged a man-made, composite work surface like Corian, don’t worry - our team of technicians are more than ready for complex materials like these.

You might have feared you’d have to replace it, but our team can restore and refinish any damaged areas, leaving your worktop as good as new.

The beauty of the job comes in the finishing where our experts are able to accurately colour match and recreate textures and patterns to make the new area of the surface blend seamlessly with the rest. We even repair complex composite worktops that include marble and quartz.

Our Corian repairs and restoration include

  • Restore Corian Benchtop

  • Sand Corian Benchtop

  • Corian Restoration

  • Repair Corian Benchtop Chips

  • Repair Corian Benchtop Scratches

  • Repair Corian Benchtop Damaged edges

  • Repair Corian Benchtop Stains

We provide surface repairs in: Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.

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