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Silver Business Club membership of SydneyFC

Chairman’s Club 

for season 2022-2023



Konig Surface Repair Technicians are Australia wide and are able to fix surface damages like nicks, chips, scratches, and gouges on a range of surfaces.

We are especially proud to be one of the silver sponsors of Sydney FC Business Club for another season. Australia’s best supported football club Sydney FC has created an exciting venture that allows proactive companies to connect with our established network of local and international businesses.

The Sydney FC Business Club allows us to grow our business by meeting like-minded executives at our exclusive corporate events or in the Chairman’s Club during our pre-match cocktail functions, while we support the team on the field.

These functions are attended by our Chairman Scott Barlow and board members, and hosted by Sydney FC Hall of Fame Members and Club Legends. Sydney Football Club (FC) was established in 2004 as the inaugural Hyundai Australian-League (A-League) club representing Australia’s biggest city.

Sydney is the most successful association football club in Australian history, having won five Championships and four Premierships in the A-League, as well as one FFA Cup and the Oceania Champions League in 2005, prior to Australia joining the Asian Football Confederation. 

Mention the type of sponsor we are at SydneyFC to receive a 20% discount of our quoted prices.

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