Real Wood & Engineered Flooring


Have you got damages on your Floors?

We can repair floor damages such as:

  • Chipped and gouged
  • Scratched

  • Splintered 

  • Indentations and pressure marks

  • Jointing and splintered edges

What flooring types we repair?

Our surface repair technicians provide leading repairs on all flooring types:

  • Natural Wood 

  • Engineered Boards

  • Vinyl Planks

  • Laminate

Wondering how we repair only the damaged area?

With damaged timber flooring we are able to repair the damaged area without costing you money in replacements.

Using the systems from Konig Australia, we use a special Hardwax filler designed for creating the base colour of the repair. Then we use touch up paint designed with the colour of timber grains in the effort to blend and hide the damages successfully.

Our teams are across Australia & New Zealand.

We are clean, quick and professional. 

Natural Wood Flooring

Engineered Flooring

Laminate & Vinyl Flooring

Contact Us

 Please provide your details as below and one photo of the damage approximately 30cm away.
Upload Photo 1: 1.5m from Damage
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Upload Photo 2: 30cm from damage
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